Chapter 7


We had some bread for breakfast. The boy wanted to go on shore, so I went with him. I thought that it would be safer that way. We took guns and two jars for water with us. I didn’t want to lose sight of the boat, so the boy went farther inland alone. He returned running. I thought that some animals were after him, but I was wrong.

He killed an animal which looked like a rabbit. He was hurrying because he was happy and he wanted to show it to me. We were both very happy. We had good meat and fresh water. Most of all, we didn’t meet the scary animals or any people.

I knew that we were close to the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands. However, I had nothing for navigation, so I could not locate the islands. I was hoping that we would meet an English ship by moving along the land. I guessed that we were in a land where nobody lived – we didn’t see anybody. We only heard wild animals.

One morning, when we were going to get water, we saw a lion. It was very big. It was very close to us. The boy was too afraid to shoot it, so I had to do it. I had three guns. The first bullet hit its leg. The second bullet hit it in the head. It was seriously injured and dying. The third bullet finished the animal. The boy cut off one of the lion’s feet and brought it to the boat as a trophy. We couldn’t eat the meat, but I wanted the skin. We put it on top of the boat. It was dry soon.