Chapter 67


I got married in the meantime. I had two sons and a daughter, but my wife soon died and I became a widower. Being in this situation, and hearing the stories of my nephew, my desire to travel by sea and see my island returned to me again.

This is why I left England once again in 1694. I visited my island and saw the Spaniards and heard what happened with the rebels we left behind. The Spaniards and the English rebels argued and fought for a long time until the Spaniards won.

The island was improved and I found many children running around, as the Spaniards who reached the mainland had brought women with them.

I stayed on the island about twenty days. I remembered what I needed when I was living there, so I left them some arms, gunpowder, clothes and tools. There was also a carpenter and a smith who I brought with me from England and who had agreed to stay on the island. I was now sure that the people on the island had everything they could possibly need.