Chapter 65


We set out from Spain on November 15th. It was still snowing, but our guide was very skilful and we could soon see the French fields in front of us.

One afternoon, just before sunset, our guide was in front of us when three big wolves came from the forest. The animals were between us and the guide. He had no time to take out his gun. One of the wolves attacked him. The guide shouted for help and at that same moment Friday ran to help him and shot down one of the wolves.

We all hurried to see what just happened. We found the guide badly bitten in the arm and in the leg, just above the knee. The wolves disappeared with Friday’s arrival. My servant helped the injured guide.

We continued onwards to the nearest village. We could hear the sounds of the wolves following us. When we entered the village, we found out that wolves attacked the village the previous night, so there were guards everywhere now.