Chapter 64


We stayed in Madrid for a few months because we wanted to see the attractions there, so by the time we left for France it was already mid-October. The weather was getting colder and colder and there were reports of heavy snowfalls which could stop us at the border between Spain and France.

After the hot climate on the island, I suffered terribly from the cold of the approaching winter, and so did Friday. Mountains covered in snow were new to him and he was extremely frightened.

The roads were impossible to travel on, so we had to stop. It kept snowing and this made us think about travelling by sea again. It was then that we met four French gentlemen who succeeded in crossing the border. They told us about their guide and we asked him to help us pass through the mountains. He agreed, but he warned us about the hungry wolves which were sometimes attacking travellers in winter. We had to be able to defend ourselves. We were already a big group of people and several more French and Spanish gentlemen joined us, so we didn’t worry about the wild animals.