Chapter 62


Instead, I wrote to Brazil and asked the people who were taking care of my plantation about my plantation. Several months later, I received a big packet from their children. It contained detailed calculations of all the expenses and gains from the plantation during all these years. The government took over the property while I was gone, and it was then given to a monastery.

The last letter in the packet was from my partner in Brazil. My eyes filled with tears while reading it. He could not wait for me to return, but meanwhile he was sending me many valuable presents. There were seven leopards’ skins and a whole chest of gold, which made me a very rich man. The others also sent me some of the money from my plantation in different products and in gold as well. I had now several hundred chests of sugar, and plenty of tobacco rolls to sell.

My heart was beating with excitement and my head was spinning after reading all these letters. In fact, I was very thankful for my friend who was there with me. I would probably have collapsed without him. All the emotions were too much for me, and my friend called a doctor. It turned out that I was suffering from some illness, and it got worse with strong emotions.

I was much better after a couple of days. Now, that I could think straight again, I decided to help my old friend who was so kind and honest to me. I made his debt to me disappear, and not only that. I offered him some profits from my plantation for many years ahead.

I also sent money to the widow who helped me many years ago, as well as to my sisters in England.