Chapter 61


It seemed to me that the whole world changed in that time. I found the widow of my friend and she changed a lot. She lost everything in life, re-married and became a widow again, and was now extremely poor. I remembered how kindly she treated me years ago and I did everything I could to help her.

After that I returned to my hometown, York. My parents were both dead and so were some of my siblings. I did find two sisters of mine, as well as the children of one of my brothers. They all thought I was long dead, so I had no claims to any of the family’s money.

However, it wasn’t all so bad because there was a pleasant surprise in store for me. I found some old friends who remembered how I once helped them. They were happy to see me again and were able to return the help. That way, I came into possession of a large sum of money.

I wanted to know what happened with my plantations in Brazil, so I decided to go to Lisbon and try to get some news there. Friday was with me all this time.

In Portugal, I met some old friends. They told me that my plantation was still fine. My partner there had become very rich. The rest of the people which were responsible for my property were also enjoying a comfortable life. I met the captain of the ship I had once travelled on.

He was an honest man and he gave me all the documents about my plantation in Brazil. It turned out that he owed me money and lots of goods which were transported from Brazil to Europe while I was gone. He couldn’t pay me back immediately, but he promised to do so as soon as his son returned from the sea. His kindness moved me. After all those years, he not only remembered me, but was just as honest and kind as before.

He offered me all the money he had on him. He was very kind, but I couldn’t accept any money from him. I refused to take his son’s money as well.