Chapter 6


After I saw the man swim away, I turned to the boy. I wanted to know if he was on my side. I turned the boat towards the continent. I needed the man in the water to think that we were going in that direction. But of course, I had something else in mind. After I couldn’t see him, I turned the boat to the barbarian coast. This was dangerous because the barbarians could attack us, but pirates would not follow us there.

I changed the direction after it got dark. I tried to keep close to the shore. The wind was good, and we were gone from the pirate lands the next day. Still, I was really afraid of them. I didn’t want to get caught by them again. I was so scared that I didn’t let the boy stop the boat for five days. The wind changed during the sixth day and I felt safer. I let the boat go close to the shore. We stopped in the mouth of a little river.

I didn’t know where we were. All we wanted was some fresh water. We waited till it was completely dark. We were hoping to swim to the land and get some fresh water, but we started hearing horrible noises. The boy didn’t want to go to the shore anymore. We stayed on the boat but we couldn’t sleep. Some animals came to wash themselves in the water. They were making terrible noises.

The boy was extremely frightened and so was I. We were even more terrified when we heard that one of the animals started swimming towards us. The boy asked me to sail away, but I didn’t want the animal to follow us. Instead, I took one of the guns and shot at the beast. It turned around and swam to the shore. All the other creatures heard the gunfire and got scared. They had probably never heard a gun before. We left all hopes of getting water during that night. We stayed on the boat until the morning.