Chapter 58


The captain and the other men took the two boats and sailed to the ship. Once there, they told the men on the ship that it wasn’t easy to find the others on the island. But as soon as all the men from the boats were on the ship, the captain showed himself and the attack began. Some sailors were injured in the battle. There was only one person shot and it was the last leader of the rebellion.

As soon as the ship was the captain’s again, he ordered seven guns to be shot. It was the signal which we had agreed on. I was happy to hear those shots and fell asleep almost immediately because I was very tired.

I was woken up by the sound of a gunshot and the voice of the captain, who was standing next to me. He hugged me and told me that the ship and all the sailors were now under my command. I was so happy I started crying! He made me drink a few drops of liquor, but it still took me some time before I could stop crying and open my mouth to speak again.

After I recovered from the shock, the captain ordered his men to bring whatever food they could find on the ship to the island. We were going to have a small feast to celebrate our victory and my departure from the island. There was Madeira wine, excellent tobacco, pork, beef and peas. There were biscuits and sugar for desert.

I was very happy to taste all those things again, but what made me even happier were the clean clothes the captain gave me. I had new clothes for the first time in many years. After all this time, I had no idea what clothes felt like, so they felt uncomfortable at first, but it was soon fine.