Chapter 57


I told the captain about my plan for taking over the ship. We decided to tie the most dangerous prisoners in the cave where we already left a few men. We spent the night on the beach with the rest of the men.

The captain returned to those in the cave and explained the situation to them in the morning. If they returned to England, they would be punished for the rebellion, but if they helped us take over the ship, we would help them back. They immediately offered their help in taking over the ship, and promised to be loyal to the captain.

We couldn’t trust them fully yet, so I ordered the captain to return to the cave and take five of them as his assistants. The others were still prisoners and would be punished if the assistants turn against the captain. This made everyone do as they had promised.

There were twelve of us now, and we had the prisoners left in the cave. Friday and I remained on the island to look after the hostages, while the captain and his sailors went to repair the first boat.