Chapter 55


We saw how the boat was approaching us and the captain recognised the sailors. He knew that three of them were still faithful to him, but there was also the man who started the rebellion. The captain feared that the leader of the rebellion and the other men in the boat would be difficult to defeat, but I told him that we had a good chance of winning.

We created two groups from our prisoners. We left some in my house and others in the cave. The captain trusted two of them and they swore to fight on our side, so we gave them weapons. Prepared this way, with seven men ready to fight on our side, we waited for the arrival of the boat.

As soon as it reached the shore, the men jumped out of it and pulled it up the beach. Then they ran to the other boat and were surprised to see it damaged. They tried to call their friends – they shouted and then shot in the air – but it was all useless. None of our prisoners shouted back. This surprised the sailors even more and they began launching the boat into the water again. It seemed they wanted to go back to the ship to inform the others that there was an accident.

Seeing all this, the captain got scared that they would go back to the ship and leave the island altogether. Luckily, in the course of a few minutes the sailors dropped this idea. Now, they left three men in the boat and the others went to the forest to look for their friends.

We had to change our plans because we wanted to take over the boat, but the three men were in our way. That is why we continued watching all the actions of the two groups – the seven men in the forest and the three in the boat.