Chapter 52


I told him that they definitely weren’t going to eat them. I thought they were going to shoot them.

After a while I noticed that this wasn’t the case. The men from the boat went exploring the island, while the three tied prisoners were sitting on the beach with two men as guards. The prisoners looked hopeless. The situation made me think of my own arrival on the island. I felt lost at first. Just like those prisoners.

The tide was soon low and their boat got stuck in the sand. They couldn’t move it, and I heard them shout to each other that they would leave with the next tide. This gave me ten hours. The night was coming, so I had a chance to go near them and overhear their conversations. Now, I was sure they came here to leave those three men here as a punishment.

Friday and I were going to stay hidden until dark. Then I noticed that the men who stood the guard were asleep and the three prisoners were sitting under a tree quite close to us. It seemed to me they were also out of sight from the other sailors, so I could approach them without being seen.