Chapter 50


The Spaniard advised me to plant more corn. He and Friday’s father helped us expand the gardens. Friday, the Spaniard and I caught more goats, and increased our herd with more than 20 animals. We had more grapes to dry as well.

We also started preparing the materials for the boat. We chose a few trees and I showed them how to cut them and form planks, which are long and thin pieces of wood.

The harvest came and we had plenty of food. We had so much corn, rice and barley that we needed more baskets and pots to keep them in. As it turned out, the Spaniard was very skilful at this.

Once all the harvest was gathered and the food was securely stored in my cave, the Spaniard and Friday’s father were free to go back and bring the others here. I asked them to make the Europeans swear that they wouldn’t hurt me in any way.

I gave them food and two loaded guns in case they were attacked again. Then they took one of the cannibals’ canoes and sailed away.