Chapter 5


I was young and strong. I became a slave to the captain of the pirates. I felt very sad, but this was only the beginning of my troubles.

My new master was a captain and I wanted to go to sea with him. Why? I wanted him to be killed. This would mean that I’d be free. But this never happened. When my master left, I looked after his garden. It was like this for two years. I wanted to run away.

My master sometimes took me with him when he went fishing. Another young man and I helped him fish. Sometimes, we were fishing with someone from his family. We used a small boat.

One morning, when we were fishing, we got lost. There was a thick fog and we could not see anything. We were trying to get to shore the whole day and night. We made it to land the next morning.

After this happened, my master told us to use a bigger boat. It was more comfortable. The boat had a room in the middle of it. One day, my master told me to put more food and drinks on the boat. He told me to get some guns too. He was awaiting important guests who wanted to go fishing with him. They also wanted to go hunting after the fishing. However, the guests never came. And so, my master’s friend, I and the boy went fishing as usual.

I was going to escape and I had a plan. I did not prepare the boat for fishing. I prepared it for my journey. More food was brought onto the ship. I got a rope, a hammer, wax for making candles and also some bullets. I lied to my master’s friend to make him bring more things.

Soon, we were out at sea. I acted like I could not catch fish. This way, I made the others believe that we had to go further out to the sea and we did. At one point my master’s friend went to the front of the boat. I quickly pushed him overboard. He tried to swim back, but I did not let him. I didn’t trust him. I told him to leave and he did. I had a gun pointed at him.