Chapter 48


We soon reached the river where I first saved Friday. When we reached it, Friday helped our new guests out of the boat, but they weren’t able to walk. We had to carry them to our home.

We came across another problem when we reached our place. Friday’s father and the Spaniard couldn’t go over the fence or climb a ladder. I didn’t want to destroy the fence, so we made a comfortable tent for them outside. We prepared beds and blankets for them too.

As soon as we finished this, I started cooking dinner. Friday killed a young goat and we boiled a soup out of its meat. It was delicious and we all had dinner together in the tent. Friday was my interpreter because the Spaniard could speak Friday’s language.

I asked Friday to go back to the beach after the dinner. He brought us the weapons which we left in our hurry. I also asked him to bury the bodies of the killed cannibals the next day. He did as I said. When I later went to the beach, I almost couldn’t recognise the place.

I had a little talk with Friday’s father the next morning. I wanted to know what he thought of the cannibals. Are they going to return and attack us? He said that the storm probably killed them. Also, the nearest coast was the island of their opponents, so they probably didn’t land there.

So there was very little chance that they made it back home. If they did get back, they would never attack us. Our guns caused them a great shock, and they had no idea how we won. They would probably tell their people that their friends were killed by thunder and lightning. He said that he heard them shout that I and Friday were spirits sent from heaven.