Chapter 47


Friday was so excited to see his father again that I didn’t dare disrupt them. Yet, after a while I called Friday to ask him if he gave his father some bread to eat. In his happiness, he forgot to do so. That is why I gave him some bread, some rum and a handful of raisins.

He gave all this to his father, but he suddenly jumped out of the canoe and ran to the forest as fast as he could. I called after him, but it was no use – he didn’t even hear me.

He came back soon, carrying a jar full of fresh water and two loaves of bread. He gave me the bread, but handed the jar to his father who was dying with thirst. After he had drank and was feeling better, I asked Friday to give the rest of the water and the bread to the Spaniard. He needed them just as badly. I also gave him a handful of raisins.

The Spaniard was very grateful to me, but was so weak that he could barely get up. His legs and arms were so swollen from the ropes. I asked Friday to rub his hands and feet just as he had rubbed his father’s.

Then I asked the Spaniard to go with Friday’s help to the boat. We were going to take him to our place. However, Friday was young and strong, so he just took the Spaniard on his back and carried him to the canoe. Then he carefully laid him there and arranged him so that both he and his father were comfortable. After that, Friday jumped out of the canoe and guided it along the beach.