Chapter 45


I gave the Spaniard a pistol and my sword, and I told him to help us defeat the cannibals.

The cannibals were shocked by our sudden attack. Our unusual guns scared them even more, so we were quickly winning. I sat down to load the guns again. Then I saw that the Spaniard was fighting with one of the cannibals. Although brave, the Spaniard was weak and the cannibal was going to kill him.

I ran to help him, but the Spaniard threw away the sword, took a pistol and shot the man at the last moment.
Friday used his axe to finish the wounded cannibals. The Spaniard wounded two more, but they managed to run away. One ran into the forest, where Friday killed him with his axe, but the other one swam to one of the canoes that was leaving. There were three people in it, one of which was wounded. Those were the only ones that escaped.

Friday shot at them, but didn’t wound them. It was dangerous to let them go because they would tell their people about us. Friday and I wanted to jump into one of their canoes to chase them, but to our surprise, we found another person tied up in the bottom. He was scared because he couldn’t see the fight. He only heard it. The ropes around his neck were so tight that they were killing him. Luckily, we saved him.