Chapter 44


He was terrified because he thought the cannibals were looking for him. He was shaking with fear, so I comforted him and gave him some rum. Then I loaded several pistols and guns and gave him an axe, while I took my sword.
We went on top of a hill and saw 21 cannibals, 3 victims and 3 canoes on the beach. This time, they landed closer to my cave where the forest met the beach. This made it easier to attack them and save the victims.

We approached them quietly through the forest. While walking, I was considering my right to kill them. Perhaps, I had no reason to shoot so many people who did nothing wrong to me. This thought made me change my mind. Now, I was only going to watch and see how everything goes.

When we were very close to the beach, I asked Friday to go up a very large tree and have a look from there. He returned and told me that the cannibals were all around the fire, eating one of their prisoners, while another one lay tied up. The second prisoner wasn’t one of Friday’s people, but one of the Europeans. This filled me with horror and I decided to save him if I could.

We moved closer to the cannibals. Nineteen of them were still around the fire, but two were bringing the white man. Seeing this, I loaded the guns and asked Friday to do exactly what I would do. We fired at the same time and killed 3 and wounded 5 of the cannibals. The rest jumped up to their feet, but didn’t know which way to run because they didn’t know from which direction the danger was coming.

Meanwhile, we loaded the guns again and shot two more. After that we loaded the guns again and ran to the beach, shouting as loud as we could. I ran to the tied prisoner and asked Friday to shoot the cannibals who were in the nearest canoe. While he was fighting with them, I set the European free. I asked him who he was and he said in Latin that he was Spanish.