Chapter 42


It crossed my mind that these might be the sailors from the ship I once saw. They probably saved themselves in a boat because I didn’t find anybody alive when I went on board.

I asked Friday to tell me more about them. He told me that they were well and were living with his people for four years.

Friday and I were on top of a hill one day. The weather was nice and the sky was clear so we could see quite far. Suddenly, Friday began jumping and dancing. When I asked him about the reason, he said he could see his land from here. I could see on his face that he was excited to see home.

At first, I thought that if Friday returns to his people he would forget everything I taught him. I thought that he would betray me. Then his people would come here and eat me. I got jealous and afraid, but with every action Friday was convincing me that he was a loyal and sincere friend to me. He told me that if we build a canoe and went to his home island, he would tell his people how I saved his life and took good care of him.

It was clear that he wanted both of us to go there. When I told him that perhaps it would be better if he went alone, he took the axe and told me to kill him rather than send him away from me.

This encouraged me. I also wanted to meet the Europeans. I thought that we could go to the other side of the island. I showed Friday my boat there, but he said that it was too small for the two of us.

So, we started building a bigger boat. We chose and cut a big tree and I showed him how to cut the inside so as to form a boat. It took us a month to do this and two more weeks to move it to the beach.