Chapter 41


One day, I asked him about his people and the way he was taken prisoner. He told me that they ate human flesh just like their opponents. In fact, he took part in that ritual on the other side of my island. He was probably one of the cannibals I saw a long time ago.

He told me about the sea and how the water moves in it. From what he told me I was even able to tell where my island was. The big land to the west and northwest was Trinidad.

Thanks to Friday, I learned about the traditions and beliefs of his people. I also told him my story and I described England and Europe to him. When I felt I could trust him enough, I showed him how gunpowder works and I taught him how to use a gun. I gave him a knife, a small axe and a belt to carry them on. He was delighted with my presents.

I showed him the old boat on the beach. He said that he saw a boat like that before. I asked further and he explained that his nation saved white men from a similar boat and that they were still living with them. He counted seventeen Europeans living with his people.