Chapter 40


Two or three days later, I decided to teach Friday not to eat human flesh anymore. From now, I wanted him to eat animal meat instead. And so, we went to the forest and I shot a young goat. Once again, Friday was terrified from the gunshot. He thought that I wanted to kill him. He ripped off his shirt to check if he was fine. Then he knelt down and said something to me. I didn’t understand him, but it seemed that he was asking me not to kill him.

I made it clear to him that I didn’t want to kill him, and I pointed at the dead goat. Then I showed him my gun and killed a bird on a tree nearby. He was surprised and he didn’t come close to touching a gun for some time. Once, later, I found him talking to the gun. He was probably asking the gun not to kill him.

We took the goat and the bird which turned out to be a parrot. The goat made a tasty soup and Friday liked it a lot. I put some salt in mine and he was very surprised. He showed me that he didn’t like salt and thought that it was dangerous to the body.

We roasted some of the goat meat the next day. He liked it very much and showed me that he would never eat human meat again.

Soon, I taught Friday how to prepare corn and bake bread. He was able to do it as well as me a few days later. Then we started expanding my garden and he helped me plant more corn. In all activities, Friday was of great help. He was talking more and more every day and I greatly enjoyed his company.