Chapter 4


I travelled to London by land. I was thinking where I would go when I was in London. I didn’t want to go home.

When I was in London, I met a captain. He offered me to travel with him as a sailor. As I still had some money, I chose to travel as a passenger instead. He wanted to go to Africa. I thought that I could make some money there. The captain told me that he would carry it back to England for me. The captain also told me about the trade in Africa. He advised me what to buy in England to trade in Africa. Unfortunately, I only had £40.

The trip to Africa was successful and I returned to England with some gold dust. It was worth almost £300. The captain also taught me mathematics and navigation. I now knew what every sailor should know.

Soon, after we came back to England, my friend, the captain, died. Later, I made the same journey with the same ship again.

This was a very unhappy journey because a Turkish ship started following us. It all started in the morning, and in the afternoon, the pirates came very close to us. The pirates had eighteen guns and we had only twelve. They attacked us, but we managed to push them away. Sixty of their men came on our ship during the second attack. They started destroying everything. We pushed them off the ship again, but they kept coming! Some of our sailors were killed and some were badly injured. We had to stop fighting. We gave up. All of us were taken prisoners.