Chapter 38


Now, I had an opportunity to look at him. He was young and strong. I think he was around 26 years old. He had long black hair, fine skin and a pleasant face.

I let him sleep and went outside to milk the goats. Half an hour later, he came out and showed me how happy he was to be alive and safe. He put my foot on his head to show that I was in position of authority. In return, I showed him that I was very pleased with him.

I began speaking to him. I named him Friday because it was Friday when I saved his life. I told him to call me ‘Master’. I told him my name and I taught him ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Then I drank some milk and soaked my bread in it, before giving some to him. He followed my example and did the same.

We stayed in the cave that night, but I made him follow me outside the next day. I used my hands again to show him that I was going to give him some clothes, because he was naked. As we were passing the beach, he showed me the place with the buried bodies. He made signs to me to help him dig them out and eat them.

This angered me greatly. I gestured to him that he should forget about this and follow me instead. I didn’t want him to do anything with them at all, so he quickly gave up and we walked away.

We went on top of the hill and I saw through my telescope that the canoes were gone and that we were alone on the island. I wanted to be sure so I gave Friday a sword and the bow and arrows and we left for the beach.

My heart sank when I saw what was on the beach. There were human bones all around, pieces of flesh here and there and the sand was red with blood. I counted three skulls, five hands, several feet and lots of other body parts.