Chapter 36


After I secured all my new things in the cave, I hid the boat again and went back to my house. Everything went back to normal.

Time was passing and I often thought about the people on the beach. I was always thinking about going to sea with my boat. Would I stand a chance? These thoughts were always in the back of my mind. Always, day and night.

It was one night in March that I dreamed that 2 canoes with cannibals landed on the beach. One of their victims ran away and came towards my house where I saved him. He knelt to me and became my servant. He later helped me navigate out of the dangerous waters around the island.

I woke up, but the dream remained stuck in my mind. I realised that with someone’s help, it could be possible to escape from the island. I could perhaps save one of the victims of the cannibals. I made up my mind to look out for the cannibals. I went daily around the beach for the next one and half a years. I was hoping to see the canoes.

My wish became reality one morning. I was in my house when I saw 5 canoes with more than thirty men on the shore. I couldn’t attack them since there were too many, so I just waited and watched them with my telescope. They set up a fire and started dancing around it. I also saw two men. They were tied together, and they were probably the victims.

The two tied men were brought to the fire after a while. One was beaten and the other one was left standing. While the cannibals were getting ready to eat the first one, the second one started running away. He was actually running towards me! I was worried that he would make my fortification known to the others, but I soon saw that he was followed only by three cannibals. He was outrunning them quickly as well.