Chapter 35


I really wanted to see one of the sailors on the beach. I would give everything to talk to another human being! I didn’t know if the people on the ship survived or not.

I found the body of a boy on the beach a few days later. I couldn’t guess his nationality from his clothes, but I found a tobacco pipe in his pockets. It was very valuable to me.

I took my boat and decided to go to the shipwreck to see if there were any survivors. The ship seemed Spanish, and it was completely destroyed. As I got closer, a dog appeared on the deck. I fed it bread and water because it was starving and extremely thirsty. I found only two dead men on the ship, and there was no sign of anyone else.

There were several chests on the ship and also big containers with some alcohol, but the big containers were too heavy to move. I searched around and found guns and gunpowder. I didn’t take the weapons because I had plenty of them, but I took the powder and some other useful things.

I returned to the island in the evening with several chests on my boat. I had some new shirts and handkerchiefs, as well as gold and other treasures.

The gunpowder was very important for me. On the island, it was much more useful than money or precious metals. There was something else which I needed just as badly as powder and that was shoes. I took the shoes of the two dead men on board the ship, and I had two more pairs which I found on the ship.