Chapter 33


I started thinking about killing some of the cannibals and saving their victims. If that wasn’t possible, I could at least scare them so they would never come back. I began looking at that side of the island where the first footstep was. I wanted to find a place to hide and prepare it for the attack.

Then I changed my mind. I thought that it was unreasonable to fight them since they did nothing to hurt me. Eventually, I gave up the preparations and decided to act only if they attacked me first.

I was hiding my traces as well as I could for a year. I put away my boat and removed every sail and other equipment from it. I kept myself busy with my animals and crops, but I was very careful. I was afraid to make loud noises and I was very worried every time I made a fire. Smoke can be seen from a distance.

Once I discovered a small cave when I was cutting some wood. I went inside, but as soon as my eyes grew comfortable with the darkness, I noticed two bright eyes looking at me. I jumped outside, scared to death. I gathered courage and went in again but then a loud sigh scared me out again. It sounded as if there was someone injured inside. The third time, I lit a torch and went in to discover an old goat. It was dying in the cave.

I returned to the cave the next day to find the goat dead. I looked around the place and found it very safe. It would make a good hiding place near the beach. So I brought some of my guns and some gunpowder there.