Chapter 26


I passed the valley with my second house and I found some savannah fields. I also discovered that there were many parrots, rabbits and foxes on this side of the island. I even caught one parrot and took it with me. There were also a lot of turtles, tortoises and birds. This part of the island was nicer and there was more food, but I didn’t want to move.

I kept on walking, but I got lost. It took me a few days to find my way back to the beach. From there I knew how to get home again.

My dog caught a young goat on the way back. I saved it and took it with me. I wanted to have goats and now I had another chance. I left the goat in my second home until I prepared some space for it.

I was so tired from the trip that I relaxed for a few days. I made a cage for the parrot and brought home the goat, which started to calm down.