Chapter 22


Something happened on April 16th. I was inside my house when pieces of earth started to fall from the roof of my cave. I was frightened. I didn’t want my work to be destroyed. I ran outside the cave and I noticed that the ground was shaking everywhere. It was an earthquake!

I was shocked and scared. I wasn’t on a ship, but I felt sea-sick. The earthquake was over soon, but I was afraid to go inside. I was sitting on the ground in front of my house. I noticed that it was getting cloudy and the wind was getting stronger. A terrible storm was coming.

There were very big waves in the sea, and the trees were falling down. This lasted for three hours. Then, a heavy rain began.

I thought that the earthquake created the storm and the rain. I went back inside and started thinking. Maybe, I should move my tent to an open space. It would be safer in case of another earthquake. I decided to make a small house in an open space. I was going to build a wall around it for protection.

I spent the end of April by preparing tools for building the house.