Chapter 20


November 5th was the day I first saw seals on the beach. I found and killed a wild cat later that day. It had a very soft skin, but the meat wasn’t good.

I was trying to make a chair for the next five days.

There was a great storm on November 13th. It was the one which later made me separate the gunpowder. It took me three days. Then I began digging behind my tent into the hill because I needed more space. I used a very hard tree to make a shovel, but I couldn’t make a wheelbarrow.

I was expanding my cave with the tools I had. I needed to make the cave big. It was going to be my warehouse, kitchen, dining room and a cellar all in one.

When there was rain, the water got into the tent through the roof. I needed to repair the roof. I placed long sticks around the tent, which I covered with large tree leaves. This created a second roof above my head.

December 10th

The cave was almost finished when a mass of dirt fell down from one side. I was not in the cave at that time. If a lot of dirt falls on you, you can die. Cleaning up the cave was a lot of work.

I was putting long boards on the ceiling of the cave for the next week. I didn’t want the accident to happen again.

December 20th

I continued to work in my small camp. The weather was bad for the next three days. It was raining heavily day and night, so I worked indoors.

December 27th

I killed a goat and hurt another one. Its leg was broken and it couldn’t walk. I took the goat home and took care of it until it was no longer wild. This made me think about keeping animals. I could have food when there wouldn’t be any more gunpowder.