Chapter 16


I knew that I had to make myself a better and more comfortable place. Most importantly, I wanted to be safe. I thought about looking for a cave or making a bigger tent. I decided to do both. I needed a place which was close to fresh water, which was hidden from the heat of the sun, and was easy to protect. Last but not least, it had to have a view of the sea. I had to watch out for ships.

I found an area next to a steep hill. I decided to place my tent there. The hill protected me from one side, and I built a fence on all the other sides. I used the cables from the ship to tie strong, sharp pieces of wood together. There was no door, but I used a ladder to get over the fence.

I brought all my things inside. I was going to make two tents – a bigger one from the hill to the fence and a small one inside it. The bigger one was going to protect the powder and the food from heavy rains. I was going to live in the smaller one. I brought myself the hammock there to use it instead of a bed.

When the tents were finished, I started digging at the bottom of the hill. I was bringing the stones and earth to the fence. I made a terrace on the inner side of the fence. I wanted to use the hole in the ground as a cellar.

I was still working on the cave when a storm appeared one day. There was some lightning. I suddenly thought that the storm could hit one of the big boxes with powder. The explosion would destroy everything. It could even kill me. I was terrified. I needed to make this right as soon as possible. After the storm was gone, I opened the boxes with the powder. I put it into smaller boxes and bags. I then hid these in the rocks. As I had a lot of powder, this took me three days.

I also went hunting every day. It was a break from the hard work, and I could have some meat. I was also starting to get to know the island and the animals better. I discovered some goats and I killed one. It had a little goat. It followed me when I took its mother. I was hoping I could keep it, but it wouldn’t eat. I had to kill it as well.