Chapter 14


I saw a hill. I took a gun and some powder, and I started walking towards it. I got to the top and I saw that I was on an island. There were some rocks and two smaller islands nearby, and a big land to the north and northwest. I couldn’t see any sign of people on the island. There were only wild animals. I saw many birds on the way back but I didn’t know what they were. I had no idea if I could eat one. I killed one bird, but its meat wasn’t good.

I went back to the raft, and I spent the day moving my things farther into the land. I had to make a safe place because I was afraid of wild animals. I made a hut from the wood of the raft. I thought that I should go back to the ship again. I wanted to move all the useful things to the island. The next storm could break everything into pieces.

I left my clothes in the hut and swam back to the ship the next day. I made a second raft on board. I loaded it with many things. I found bags with nails, for example. There were also 7 guns, bullets for them, and some more powder. I remembered to take all the clothes I could find. There was also a hammock and some beds.

I brought all this safely on shore. When I returned to my small hut, I saw that all my things were there. I also had company. A wild cat was sitting there. I threw it a small piece of biscuit and it ate it. It stayed a while because it was waiting for more, but I didn’t give it anything.

It was getting late, so I made a small tent. I brought in all the things which could be damaged by rain or sun. Then, I put some empty boxes around it. I hoped that this would protect the tent. After that, I went inside and blocked the door with some wood from the raft. I put one of the beds on the ground and placed three guns next to my head. I was tired from all the work – I fell asleep almost immediately.