Chapter 13


Soon after noon, the tide was low and I could walk closer to the ship. I noticed that it was stable and not damaged. I took off my clothes and swam to the ship. I didn’t see a way inside the big ship, so I swam around it twice. Then I saw a rope which was hanging from one side of the ship. I climbed up and began to look for food. I was lucky. All the food on the ship was dry.

I also found a bottle of rum which I took with me. I needed to carry the food to the shore, but there was no small boat on the ship. I had to make a raft. I noticed that the tide was getting high again, and that the water took my clothes. I was still on the ship, so I looked for some clothes.

I found a box with some tools and I was really happy. I also needed something to protect myself and something for hunting. I found 4 guns, 2 swords and 2 boxes of dry powder. I put everything on my raft, and started to think about how to get back. I used two saws, an axe and a hammer to navigate the raft.

The sea was calm, the water was rising and the wind was blowing towards the land. This was all good, but my raft wasn’t going straight back. I knew that there had to be a river somewhere. I could use it as a port.

Soon, I found the river and guided my raft to the middle of it. I didn’t know that the water wasn’t deep enough, so I got stuck. All the things on my raft moved to the edge of it. I had to hold everything for half an hour – I didn’t want the things to get wet. I continued again when the tide was high enough.

I went further into the river, but I couldn’t find a place to land. The shore was very high. I waited for the tide again. I needed to be lifted up by the water. It wasn’t long before I stepped onto the bank. I made sure that the water wouldn’t take the raft and I left. I started looking for a place to stay.