Chapter 12


I was extremely happy to be alive, but I was probably the only one. I never saw my friends again. All I found on the beach were three hats, a cap and two shoes.

The weather was still pretty bad, but the waves weren’t so big anymore. I could see the ship. It was far from the land. I had no idea how I survived.

I looked around and noticed that I had almost nothing. I was wet and I had no other clothes. I also had nothing to eat or drink and nothing I could use to defend myself against dangerous animals. All I found in my pockets was a knife and a pipe with a box of tobacco for smoking. This situation was really scary. How could I survive with only these three things?

I moved from the rock to the beach. I looked around the shore. I was looking for some fresh water. I found some and drank it. I chewed some tobacco instead of dinner. I made a weapon from a piece of wood because I was afraid of dangerous animals.

I spent the night in a large tree. When I woke up the next morning, the sea was calm. I discovered that the waves moved the ship. I needed to get to the ship and get some things but the tide was high and the ship was still quite far away.